Quality of Education

Social Work Projects

Project 1
Vishal Dilwala Vishal

Place - "Sai Aadhar" Hatti Pada Bandhara Road, Bhatane Gao,
Virar East,
District - Mumbai,
State - Maharashtra,
Country - India
Year of Completion - 2019
Mobile no.: +91 7741806223

On 29th Jan 2019 We had experience meeting Mr Vishal Parulekar Virar, Mumbai. Vishal 32 years old married, lost his parents when he was kid. He runs tempo which gives him living. In 2011 at age 24 started supporting kids who lost parents and relatives did not supported.Brought such kids home and takes care including schooling.
All kids are well mannered, chant sanskrit shloka, sing kirtan (songs) on Shivaji Maharaj. They help the couple in cooking, stitching, cleaning.

He has distributed works in an innovative manner.

Arun Patil is Chief Minister - he takes care of all work in absence of Vishal including cooking.

Gundappa Bhogade is Defence Minister- He can fight with snakes, and other animals in the surroundings, he has killed dozens of snakes and once saved kids from fox.

Bhavesh Patil is Health Minister – He takes care of cleaning and house keeping including checking nails of kids, keeps daily information of everyone’s health and reports to Vishal.

Ganesh Patil is Purohit or Pandit – He performs pooja in proper method, we witnessed him performing "Aukshana" of birthday boy .

Vikky Jung is a Transport Minister – He takes care of daily movements of children.

Brahmin Sabha Mumbai has hounered Vishal as Excellent Social Worker (Utkrushta Samajik Karyakarta Puraskar) Korde Family is committed to help them.

Ankita and Vishal Parulekar, Jyoti and Subodh Korde with Children

Project 2
Project Aim Create facility for chemical lab in the school for students upto 10th Standard.

Place - Gurukrupa Vidyalaya, Mulegaon,
Taluka Trimbakeshwar,
District - Nashik,
State - Maharashtra,
Country - India
Year of Completion - 2011

A – Situation before Project Implementation

There was no chemical Lab, students were either going to nearby schools or they were explained the experiments.
The School was non Granted and teachers were very good and willing to do many things for students.
School gave us need of Chemical Lab.

B – Civil work was done as required in the existing room and all required equipment, and chemicals were installed in the room.

We are committed to do such projects in the future also.